Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reminiscing the past, Anticipating the future

i know the title sounds emo, but its really not
all i'm gonna do is juz blog bout the 2 weeks inactiveness....

well, last 2 weeks started off again on sunday with a movie ^^
this time, this movie makes Percy Jackson look like childs play
seriously, the medusa is cooler, faster, uglier, and ya.... medusa
but effects were top notch. i actually regretted not watching in 3D
and overall, the movie is pretty awesome, and 1 of the best
greek myth kinda movie i've watched

ohoh and not forgetting Io ^^ casted by Gemma Artenton
i was like... she looks farmiliar, then after the movie only
i was like... oh ya... she was a Bond Girl in Quantum of Solace^^
and yeah... it is imba ^^ nice nice

and then on thursday, i was caught off guard with a last
minute invitation by Xin Li on msn. sianzzzz
she suddenly ask me "eh, u goin for diana's bday 2nite?"
i was like.... theres a party 2nite?
why now only u guys tell me
and after discussing with xinli and jubs about the party
whether it was really at 8.45pm, and was it really at Bangsar
Shopping Center, or was devan really having a party
for diana, until he called me then i was like... right....
so yup.... a 30 min drive down from semenyih is
no easy task... actually it is la but thats really besides the point
so yup... went down.......................... and down....................
and..... ya.....

so ya... lolz... we went to a restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Center
called Twenty One. i guess its a place where people celebrate their
21st bday? beats me =.=
so here goes the horde of not very good quality taken by my pretty
good and not very waterproof at the moment camera ^^

Our host and organizer of the event ^^

theres the bday gal with her camera... she really looks
like a showgirl advertising the camera ^^

the menu.... its heavy... very heavy... say around 3kg?

2 girls looking at the menu.... or something else?

the 1 who notified me bout the event ^^
thx ^^
effects done with my cam
i didnt know i could do this light changing effect

there goes baby jane with her camera

aiks... reflection from the glass behind them =.="

random shots ^^

my drink.... apple and strawberry mojito.....
fine... i didnt know it was pronounced as "MO-HEE-TO"
i guess i was juz calling it mo-ji-to
ok laura.... ok... chillll
but seriously
laura had a fren who drank too much and got drunk
and started shouting
"who took my mosquito?"

i think this was amanda's one. looks nice though ^^

Diana making her bday wish

ok ppl, dun panic, this is juz diana's
standard protocol... lolzzz

and...... here's the bunch of them and
oh, how i miss them so much
the time we do our work together, movie together, lunch
together at fried laksa, pool sessions
great memories with all of u ^^

and.... the week went on.......
and this week... finally... this week has come to an end.....
well, not really the end of all suffering but at least the end
of something....

tuesday i had ventury tube lab, wednesday i had presentation,
today i had ac circuit lab and tomoro is the due date for
Pro|E assignment, and thanks to Roy, i finished it this evening
what a relieve.... but next week is the start of another

monday got fluid mechanics test and ac report handup,
tuesday ventury report due date, and friday need to
do a presentation and hand up a poster on a car jack....

but i'm really really looking forward for this saturday....
why?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! because..... of PIKOM PC FAIR 2010 ^^

the PIKOM pc fair is back ^^
yeah!!!!! and its time to bring out the great red beast ^^

it looks super nice~~~~~~~ wheeee~~~~~
cant wait!!!!!!!!
and then at night will be goin for the
with Zil and Silver ^^

i seriously cant wait for saturday ^^

Monday, March 29, 2010

3 times the time, 3 times the action and 3 times the effect ^^

well, on a happier and more happening note,
zil, silver and i went for a spectacular
3 movie marathon..... AWESOME ^^

4.30 - Daybreakers
6.15 - Break
6.30 - How to train your Dragon 3D
8.20 - Dinner
9.30 - Alice in Wonderland 3D
11.30 - head home

awesome. so yea, was in mid valley till
like 11.30pm
well, all 3 shows were good but i juz love
AND I JUZ LOVE toothless ^^
he is 1 freaking awesome dragon which
and SOOOOO imba O.o
i mean, his fire is like a photon
or plasma cannon
he's just too cool
even his name is super cool - night fury
and super cute - toothless
dun mind watching it again
isnt he juz cool? (now i sound like a small
girl in love with a soft toy =.=)

>.< (its ok, its for toothless ^^) i really like this part ^^
he is just too cute..... ^^

yup, and i'm in love with him
and i'll give anything to have him as a pet
oh well........ and when we were trying to get into the cinema
it was like jam pack. everyone and i mean EVERYONE
was goin watch how to train your dragon and then we
were juz jokingly shouting, oi!!! we late for
tutorial la. HAHAHAHA. for those of u who got it la

well, moving on we watched daybreakers, which is a pretty
cool movie, aside from all the goriness and the twisted
minds of ppl actually embracing the idea of being
a vampire, i kind of like the idea that the cure to vampirism
is sunlight. everytime its either a serum or anti-virus
but this 1 really caught me off guard. sunlight?
actually a controlled exposure to sunlight la
but still its a pretty cool concept
never thought of it before

pretty good cast if u ask me ^^

and moving on, one of the movies that i've been waiting so long
to watch

yes.... alice in wonderland was on my
must watch movies which turned out
pretty good ^^ at least better than the animated version la
they have a good cast on this
everyone suited their roles
and i must say my favourite character now
in this movie is the cheshire cat
he is pro ^^

i'm very impressed with the lanscape design
it really is very good. and yeah, good movie over all
oh oh, and not forgetting 2 more favourites
yup, the movie will nvr be complete without them
johnny depp once again pulled it off very well. but sometimes
he mumbles too fast and speak in riddles its quite difficult
to understand. lolz. and i love the way anne hathaway
pull it off la. graceful like no ones business
and she really really portrayed the white queen very very well

haha.... so yup. next movie is clash of the titans and
prince of persia and ironman 2

Day Number 64

as of today, its been officially 64 days since i started
a whole new journey and probably the most
important decision i think i've made in my life
(besides deciding to give up pokemon TCG to buy my ps2)
but thats really besides the point

and the further i go, the more i think of the what ifs and what ofs
what if? or what of what if?
but thats really not the main thing i'm gonna talk about

well, since my 100% change in environment and location
not to mention the ppl around me and also
the conditions which now i have live by with
i guess i'm still holding out here... or am i?
lolz... of coz i am. i guess a part of me grew
not in size u dimwits. in person. i think?
or perhaps maybe not?
y am i conflicting myself?
of coz i did. but thats really besides the point
whats with the many points tonight?
argh... there i go straying off the main topic again

lets get it all down now shall we
for all those ppl out there who are busybody to
read through everything juz now, i'll finally reveal
my decision to change uni
what really happen was....
a VERY long story
so we shall skip that part

anyway i'm now here in a foreign place
no more usual jams in the morning, afternoon
and night. no more pyramid nearby or AC
but.... i like it here
surprising as it seems, i feel.....
life here is simple. there are mountains around
foods cheap, and the nearest shopping mall
u get is tesco ^^ how cool is that

but thats all really besides the point
the point is, i finally think i'm picking things up
better and finally at my usual pace
i feel as if i finally came even with myself
and i'm not fighting with myself anymore
like some thing inside of me has stop conflicting
with each other and finally reached an agreement
i seriously have no clue on what it was
but now.... i feel.... i just feel......
yeah.... thats how i feel

and since 64 days has passed, lets
toast to another 1000 more days

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Valor VS The World

yup... as the title states the world was againts me juz now
actually, not the world. but well, since my world consist
of close to juz semenyih. so ya. the world =.="

it so happen on a fine tuesday evening when i juz finish
a bit of my work, i called winshean i normally do at 7pm
and call him for dinner. he called and told me they
(He, Victor and Chong) are goin out eat

Ian: oh ok. where?
Winshean: dunno la. somewhere new
Ian: oh... can wait i shower first?
Winshean: cannot. they in the car d goin now
Ian: cannot wait?
Winshean: cannot la. we in the car already leaving now
Ian: =.= then nvm la. i have dinner on my own then
Winshean: ok

yup... thats about around there la. maybe not accurate but
thats about where my memory serves me
which is pretty fails

so ya. fine. showered then wanna leave to go buy dinner,
buy ice and refuel. cool

jim was still home i guess. his new car was in the porch.
fine. i drove all the way out then stopped at petronas
pulled over then put in credit card.... denied =.=

gg noob. fine. went in. check wallet. no cash, no atm
awesome. went back inside the car. drove to 7-11
bought my ice. went back out. drove to the nasi lemak
corner shop there.

Ian: 2 nasi lemak bungkus dan 1 ayam
Boss: ok, tunggu ya

fine la... a lot of ppl there s wait lo... after 10 min

Boss: ok boy, nak apa?
Ian: 2 nasi lemak bungkus 1 ayam
Boss: oh, ayam sudah habis
Ian: =.= err... tak ape la then

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... fine..... drove to shell
got atm.... withdrew money, pump petrol
at that moment, i drove i think around 5-8km already
after that i reset the meter so it was 000|0

made a u-turn and drove to broga, thought wanna
tapao marmite pork rice.... reach there.......
shop close..... i was like...... thats it la...
i goin back eat maggi mee

when i reach home, i look at meter, 020|0
WHAT THE?!!??!?!?!?!??!
i drove around 25km and all i bought was ice
awesome =.=
then i saw jim's car missing
yes!!! he went out for dinner, call him

Ian: hello jim. where u?
Jim: having dinner at the nasi lemak stall
Ian: O.o which nasi lemak stall? the 1 we
always go 1 ah?
Jim: ya la. why?
Ian: got chicken???
Jim: got la. why?
Ian: =.= zzzz. sian. can tapao for me?
2 nasi lemak and 1 ayam
Jim: okok


so ya.. i went half way round the world,
contributed to global warming, wasted 25km
worth of petrol, and wasted close to 1 hr

so ya.......... i was like.... haizzz.... noob =.=
so ya.... another day in semenyih
so ya.... juz my luck tonight....
so ya... valor out =.=

Monday, March 8, 2010

Logitech Force 3D Pro - time to hit the skies

well, i finally got it.... after having to wait for almost a year now,
and wait for the price to drop, i finally got it...
the Logitech Force 3D Pro

after waiting for so long :'P
(i editted the pic myself ^^ sources from google images of coz ^^)

  • Force feedback

    Authentic, real-time feedback responds more realistically to games that support force feedback—and provides the control you need in games that don’t. Force feedback. You can really feel it.

  • 12 programmable buttons

    Customize your settings for each game or each vehicle for maximum optimization.

  • 8-way hat switch

    Lets you navigate without moving your hand.

  • High-precision throttle

    You’ll enjoy more accuracy than you’d get with many competitive controllers.

  • Twist-handle rudder

    You turn precisely and zero in on your target with a twist of the wrist.

The real eye catcher was the force feedback. a very realistic force will actually
resist ur motion when u'r pulling the G's. the moment i used it i was like....

and seriously, playing H.A.W.X. with a joystick is way way more fun,
not to mention the precision in handling the plane. way better then using the mouse
and really, its time to hit the skies, and good hunting XD

5-7th March - GEESM Trip, Soloman's Kane, Advertisement Filming, Kelsey's Birthday

Well, its been a good weekend if i might say so myself ^^
nothing much except some pretty cool stuff... so maybe its not really nothing after all?

okok. enuf word twisting. friday was the industrial visit to
GE Engine Service Malaysia (GEESM for short. sounds corny)
which is very very cool. sadly, we couldnt take any pictures.
i pula uploaded all the pictures from my camera, clear memory all,
charge battery, even bring extra battery pack
and then when reach there, who bring cameras? u muz leave it here

i was like...... GG.... sianz =.= (kept quiet and store the camera into the bag)
P.S. I DIDNT TAKE ANY PICTURES OK =.= if i did it'll be all over my blog d

it was cool. learnt alot on aircraft engines which come to think of it
i've a research project to do which i think i'll do thrust systems... hm....
anyway, learnt alot of cool stuff.

like, the fan blades of a turbine engine is made from titanium. and it cost USD 22,000
per fan blade. and there are 34 fan blades on 1 turbine. my fren was like
WAH... can buy myvi d. ya.... not to mention 34 myvis.

BUT... even if u manage to get ur hands on 1 u cannot sell in malaysia cuz its
no 1 - illegal
no 2 - no titanium smelting plant in malaysia so cannot resell as scrap material
no 3 - no sell back value

oh well....... and alot of other stuff among that. but i seriously wished i could have
taken pictures T_T

then saturday had dinner with stephy's family. had dinner at port village
quite nice lo. hahaha.... like seafood restaurants la ^^ lolz

sunday went watch Soloman Kane with Silver and Zilius which IMHO i not bad
nice details, nice graphics, typical storyline, imba fighter, but better than i thought
so it was pretty cool over all. i dunno the actors though O.o

but nice movie to watch for the action and stuff la ^^ its a pretty cool show after all ^^


question. what is daniel doin on my car and y is my face so screwed up.
very good question if i may say so myself. the answer lies within the birthday
girl. due to some technical error in her videos that she took with her friends,
they couldnt use the videos so she asked me to make for her an ad about glasses

well, according to her, thats whats gonna happen without ray-bans la. i dunno how
she gonna market it but ya ^^
(lets hope her teacher dun see this and then found out i did for her >.<)

we do look pretty retarded though ^^

and yes.... if u cant see a car from that distance....
either u'r blind, or u really need very powerful glasses... Ray-bans ^^

but its amazing how my windshield didnt smash or hood didnt dent
i wonder how the door opened though.... hm......

but all in all, we manage to act the whole thing out in thirty minutes and i finish the
picture and timeline edit within less than two hours

didn i mention that its an assignment from her COMMERCE SOCIETY in HING HUA?
i cant believe even society has assignment and that IT IS graded. chinese schools
FTW...... i think O.o

then it was her birthday ^^ happy birthday once again lil sis. even though
ur birthday is only on 15th but i still cant imagine u driving yet though XD

so yup.... her birthday that was filled with laughter, joy, advertisements and of coz...
nasi lemak ^^ my mum's nasi lemak pawns ^^ oh well. happy birthday again ^^

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ok... Fine.... So my last post is 5 months ago... Whats the big deal?

okok.... fine....
my last post is 5 months ago. i know i know
but what can u expect a busy guy like me do? O.o

sheesh.... okok.... close to 6 months... hahaha.....
my blog always ends up dead.... nice.. beautiful.. dead....
awesome ^^

i guess i'm gonna "try" to "reboot" my blog. i dunno how though....

talking bout reboot O.o my com failed to boot up
on monday. it starts then beep once then starts beeping
like the C4 u plant in cs not to mention the "boom"
i restarted the com but same result... GG

monday and i dun have a com... i'm gonna die of boredom
thank God jim activated his streamyx d and YES!!!
the ultimate tool of GO.On.Google.Lame.Entries

cuz my imba mobo will debug and give error code
C1 was the deadly code. and finally the search has completed.
i quickly scan through the files. sweat dripping down my forehead
(ons aircond)
finally, the ultimate recipe for ressurection, after spending all my life
(5 min including registering connection)
i've found the 1 thing i needed the most

the C1 error solving recipe
shut down com(i cant even boot what to shut down)
hit power switch while unplugged to discharge static
reset CMOS jumper switch
remove motherboard battery (i didnt know mobo got battery =.=)
remove memory sticks (ram)
then put everyting back after 5 min

and...... TADA!!!!
everything back up and running.
hehehe... i was like... I PRO!!!! hahahaha ^^
oh well.. thats on monday la.
today i did turning for workshop. imba machine.
cut metal like cutting butter
Cool leh? it was actually a aluminium cylinder then cut till like that
this not final product yet. still need to make grooves

oh well.. nothing much today i guess. felt very tired and worn out 2day
i guessed everyone felt the same

well, i'll try to cover my 5 months... fine.. 6 months of inactiveness ^^
which includes:-
  • laptop paintjob (came out very nice. but could be better)
  • my imba gaming powerhorse desktop
  • new games i've been playin
  • books i've been reading ^^
  • my new drum set >.<
  • my transfer to a new uni.. dun ask me why i juz gonna answer u long story
  • haha... what else?
do say hi when u drop by. gonna do a layout
make over soon too ^^ seriously i enjoy
designing a layout compared to blogging
but oh well ^^

*for His cause a Valor is borned*